Scam Squad

The Scam Squad can be reached at (216) 443-7035.  Ms Sheryl Harris serves as the director of the Cuyahoga Department of Consumer Affairs. This initiative pairs senior service agencies with law enforcement to better serve the community. The county wants to make sure that reports about scams wind up at the agency that’s most suited to investigate. There are many different scams that are constantly changing and morphing in certain detail(s) and the intent is help share information faster with the appropriate agency when a new complaint comes in.

  Three basic warning flags

       1) Never use a gift card as a form of payment.

       2) Be very hesitant of ANYONE who tries to rush you into spending money.

       3) Be very cautious with anyone who tries to induces panic that you MUST solve the problem immediately.

            “You MUST take action now.”


The Valley View Police department is also always here to assist you if you believe someone is or has attempted to scam you.  CALL before you make any financial decisions by phone, mail or email  of which you are uncertain.

Contact the Valley View Police Department at  216 524-9687    

Mon- Fri.  8:00am – 4:00pm

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